Hello, and welcome to Moonforest Studio! My name is Sarah Miller, but I work under the name Moonforest Studio because, well let's face it...I'm not the only Sarah Miller out there. And I want my business name to be as unique as my creations! 

I have a BFA in ceramics, and still love to sculpt, but now I use wool, polymer clay and found objects instead of stoneware. Toss together some fanciful whimsy, a lot of color, and a little sparkle there you have it...the Moonforest Studio style. 

A gypsy at heart, I have been traveling and showing my work at art fairs around the country for many years. I dream of someday having a little vintage camper home and studio that I can live in full time and just hit the road...eventually I'll figure out if it's the fantasy or the reality of that I love. In the meantime I'll just keep working in my converted dining room, creating things that evoke memories of childhood, when wonder, imagination and fantasy were our everyday reality and magic was definitely real.